Khezran "KZ" Askarbiuki

Administrative/Legal  Assistant


Phone: (925) 926-0300 ext. 105

Khezran Askarbiuki, better known as KZ, received her Bachelor of Science from BYU Idaho and minored In family and marriage studies. Previous to joining Bohne Law Group, she worked as a Montessori educator. She knows how to be detailed and organized having had experience running family-owned schools. She has also had close to two decades experience in the banking industry. Among her other talents, she is a certified yoga instructor and has certification in essential oil practice. 

Khezran was born and lived in Persia before immigrating to the United States as a refugee. She speaks multiple languages including Farsi, Hindi, Urdu, and English.

Khezran is a single mother to her amazing son, Silas. She also spends time taking care of her grandmother. Khezran loves to learn and makes it a lifelong practice. She also enjoys helping others through service. Besides her family, her absolute loves are reading, dancing, and going for walks in nature.